A new type of app for iPad that lets kids play and laugh together with friends.

Gigglebug is a new iPad exclusive game for kids based on the simple idea that laughter is contagious. Gigglebug is a tiny creature who’s particularly good at laughing. But some of his friends are equally good at being grumpy. In this game, kids help the grumpy animals by tickling them with a fun tickle-like touch interaction in an attempt to make them laugh.

This is a kid-friendly, classically animated story and game that feels just like the magical storybooks of old. It tells the story of Gigglebug and friends trying to cross a river to get to a party. Players can tickle the friends to help them smile and get to the party faster. Try for yourself and see if you catch the giggles as Barry the Bear, Mr. Horse and the Owl Boys burst into laughter.

Gigglebug on Tv

One day, Papa and Mama Raisin rescue an orphaned little creature from their bathtub. “He is very good at laughing” they smile and call him Gigglebug. His foster parents encourage tiny Gigglebug to spread bubbles of laughter to the whole of Greengown Forest. Gigglebug’s TV series consists of 5 minute episodes where humour and positive thinking helps Gigglebug and other forest creatures overcome challenges of growing up.