Giggle Tree takes laughter and music and combines them in a brand new interactive experience set in Gigglebug’s world of Greengrown Forest. The game combines two play patterns: a memory game and a music making game. While playing the game, kids will meet loads of new forest creatures who love to make music together to get their friends laughing.

Tickle grumpy animals to spread laughter! Gigglebug is a tiny creature who’s particularly good at laughing, but some of his friends are equally good at being grumpy. In this game, kids can follow a heartfelt story about cheering up and help the grumpy animals by tickling them with a fun tickle-like touch interaction in an attempt to make them laugh.

We’re working on more games and apps that makes kids giggle. We hope our products spread the laughter to the entire room and keep the play social.

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We think that laughing together is the best feeling in the world! When we design Gigglebug games and stories, we think about evergreen play and learning patterns that make kids smile in the real world, and we do our best to interpret those experiences for touch screens and tv.

When you can think positive, you can do anything better. And when you laugh, your body releases stress relieving hormones. Gigglebug's curriculum has been devised by pedagogical experts in Finland, one of the leading PISA ranked countries in the world. Positive conditioning of young children's perspective is one of the most important aims of the pre-school curriculum in Finland. Gigglebug teaches positive ways of interacting, and aims to bring joy out of the screen and into the social space where children are playing.

Gigglebug is a preschool series for children aged 2-5 years. It is heartfelt, warm, and safe...and best of all, a bunch of giggles!

Preview clip of the serieshere.