Gigglebug is a tiny hero with the greatest superpower of all – an irresistible laugh that is contagious. No matter how sticky the situation, his smile alone can lift anyone’s spirits!

Originally, Gigglebug was born from the simple question: could a cartoon character spontaneously and irresistibly make you catch the giggles? First launches as an app, today Gigglebug answers this question as a global 360-degree brand that all promise to get kids and families to laughing together!

With its heartfelt and warm tone, Gigglebug teaches children about their emotions and demonstrates positive ways of interacting. Gigglebug has been informed by the emotional goals in Finnish pre-school curriculum.

Did you know Gigglebug is…

TV Series

Prepare to feel good watching the globally distributed hand-drawn animation for children 2-5 years and families.
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Combining a classic look with innovative sound buttons, this portfolio of sound books and storybooks promises guaranteed giggles for toddlers!
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Safe and joyful! Award winning and chart topping! Gigglebug apps are designed for children and grown-ups to laugh together.
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Live Shows

Gigglebug’s Disco is a feel-good pop-music event where Gigglebug, MC City Bunny and the Pinecone dancers get the whole family...
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How often do we see kids clothes we wish we could have too? Hand picked items inspired by Nordic nature...
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Award winning albums where Gigglebug combines a positive and kid friendly attitude with contemporaty pop music!
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Hearing this makes us so happy…

I really like the style and inventiveness of this app. I want to see the show in the U.S! I would suggest this app for all parents with an ipad. Tickle!

Immortal Android 

They have an infectious sense of humour and ability to tell cross platform stories

Genevieve Dexter, CEO of Serious Lunch

We fell in love with the hand-painted animation and infectious positivity

Genevieve Dexter, CEO at Serious Lunch

Laughter is infectious and never more so than in the case of Gigglebug

The Guardian

Me and my kiddo sitting around decided to get this and while eating during dinner I almost had milk and mashed potatoes coming out of my nose!”

Joe Madden

Gigglebug stories are just beautiful

Sarah Muller, Head of Independent Animation & Acquisitions at Children’s BBC

This games really fun! My kid loves copying the silly faces the cartoon makes.